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Information about canine health testing

Conformation Stacking - click on this link

Factors associated with daily walking of dogs (click here to see paper)

Westgarth C, Cristian HE, Cristley, RM.  Veterinary Research (2015) 11:116

Dogs recognize dog and human emotions (click here to see below paper)

Albuquerque, N et al.  (Biology Letters 12:20150883)

Domestication Syndrome (Click here to see below Paper)

Adam Wilkins et al (Genetics Vol. 197, 795-808 July 2014) “Domestication Syndrome:  In Mammals:  A Unified Explanation Based on Neural Crest Cell Behavior and Genetics.”

Canine Hip Dysplasia

Do you want to buy a puppy from a litter whose parents were selected for breeding because they had good hip and elbow genetic quality?

If you do, please visit, register, and explore the upgraded web site


EBV (estimated breeding value) Click Here to see below article of UK data)
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